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Merkaba, Solomon's pyramid for energy therapies and meditation - 180 cm 24k gold plated

Merkaba, Solomon's pyramid for energy therapies and meditation - 180 cm 24k gold plated

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XS: 5-10mm
S: 10-20mm
M: 20-30mm
L: 30-40mm

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The Merkaba is designed as a physical structure, usable both by those approaching the active practice of meditation and by those who, moved by the desire to use it passively, intend to use it for intense bio-energetic rebalancing treatments .
The word Merkaba in Hebrew means Chariot of God and refers to something capable of transporting body and spirit into dimensions other than those to which they belong. Also known as Merkaba Star, it is made up of two triangular-based tetrahedrons (i.e. two pyramids) one inside the other .
For the first time, a particular structure has been created capable of welcoming and completely enveloping a person inside the Merkaba in order to benefit from the energy wave generated.

Inside the Merkaba the meditative states experienced in the pyramids are further heightened , the mind spontaneously clears and concentration is further enhanced. At the same time, the whole body undergoes the beneficial energetic influence of the subtle currents that come both from below (lower pyramid) and from above (upper pyramid).

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