Collection: Stones for communication and conflict resolution

We have collected in this collection all the stones whose energy will help you better communicate your ideas and feelings. CLICK on the name of the stone to be directed to the page dedicated to it.

  1. Angelite : develops in the wearer a formidable communication ability . It will help you to be sincere , simple , clear , direct .
  2. Apatite : opens to contact and emotional and intellectual exchange with others
  3. Blue Calcite : strengthens self-confidence and pushes us to open up and assert our point of view on the important issues that concern us closely.
  4. Blue chalcedony : expands both the ability to listen and understand and to make oneself understood . It increases the desire for contact with others and brings serenity to relationships.
  5. Kyanite : increases decision-making skills and improves the ability to clearly express one's thoughts. It thus helps to free oneself from frustrations in relationships with others.
  6. Malachite : helps to be more clear in relationships with others and to fight fear and shyness in relationships.
  7. Rhodonite : brings a deep sense of harmony in interpersonal relationships .
  8. Sodalite : counteracts feelings of guilt in relationships and allows us to lucidly put an end to those relationships that are proving to be harmful to us.