Collection: Stones for metabolism

Here is a list of stones whose energy will reactivate and support your metabolism. CLICK on the name of the stone to be directed to the page dedicated to it.

  1. Amazonite : helps eliminate metabolic disorders of the liver .
  2. Orange/red calcite : stimulates metabolism and the immune system, increases the body's energy .
  3. Charoite : has an antispasmodic action and stimulates the establishment of a basic metabolism .
  4. Carnelian : stimulates metabolic processes as well as treating all problems related to the intestine in general by promoting digestion.
  5. Heliotrope : stimulates lymphatic flow and metabolism. It limits the production of pus, has a detoxifying action and neutralizes states of acidity.
  6. Red Garnet : Garnet is a useful stone for renewing sexuality and creativity. Rebalances the metabolism and works on depression.
  7. Olivine : excellent stone for its ability to increase fat-related metabolism.
  8. Topaz : stimulates digestion and metabolism , protects the stomach, pancreas and small intestine.
  9. Black Tourmaline : Aids physical healing , particularly regarding metabolism .
  10. Turquoise : stimulates the lymphatic system and metabolism .

NB: the advice provided on this page does not and cannot in any case replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.