Collection: Stones for the lungs

Here is a list of stones that have beneficial effects on the lungs. CLICK on the name of the stone to be directed to the dedicated page.

  1. Aquamarine : calms irritations of the respiratory tract and is useful against sinusitis , rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis , tonsillitis.
  2. Amethyst : improves respiratory health and helps mitigate the effects of allergies .
  3. Blue chalcedony : it is linked to lung health, calms any spasms and helps detoxify them .
  4. Fluorite : stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes , especially as regards the respiratory tract and lungs .
  5. Lapis lazuli : is indicated in disorders and inflammations of the throat and upper airways, including laryngitis, all forms of allergy and asthma .
  6. Rutilated quartz : has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system , is useful against coughs and particularly for lung problems such as bronchitis .
  7. Sodalite : Sodalite is indicated in throat disorders such as laryngitis. It has a calming action and can be useful in case of insomnia and asthma .

NB: the advice provided on this page does not and cannot in any case replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.