Collection: Stones for bones and joints

Here is a list of stones whose energy helps keep bones and joints healthy , as well as solve problems related to them. CLICK on the name of the stone to be directed to the page dedicated to it.

  1. Apatite : Heals bones and encourages the formation of new cells. It aids calcium absorption and aids cartilage , bones , teeth and motor skills, and improves arthritis, joint problems and rickets .
  2. Calcite : Aids in the absorption of calcium and also dissolves calcification that accumulates on broken bones and from arthritis. Calcite strengthens the skeleton and joints .
  3. Fluorite : is indicated in case of joint problems and stiffness in general, including those linked to arthritis.
  4. Garnet : strengthens the bones and spine .

NB: the advice provided on this page does not and cannot in any case replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.