Collection: Stones for insomnia

Here is a list of stones that will help you fight insomnia. CLICK on the name of the stone to be directed to its products page.

  1. Amethyst : relaxes the nerves and brings serenity on a spiritual level.
  2. Aventurine : gives optimism and light-heartedness , helping us to worry less and sleep with fewer worries .
  3. Rainbow fluorite : rebalances mental functions and helps put a stop to obsessive thoughts .
  4. Labradorite : promotes peaceful sleep, increases dream activity and the ability to remember dreams upon awakening.
  5. Lepidolite : relaxes the psyche and mind, brings sweetness to the soul and helps you fall asleep.
  6. Rose Quartz : stone par excellence of deep emotions, relaxes the heart afflicted by worries and emotional traumas, thus helping us to sleep better.

NB: the advice provided on this page does not and cannot in any case replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.