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Black styrax incense in POWDER

Black styrax incense in POWDER

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  • Black styrax can be used as a room perfume, especially if mixed with other incense. Its main characteristic is in fact that of intensifying the aromas and making the essences fresh, but it also produces an excellent result on its own, both when it is burned and when it is left free to expand its scents, placed in a container.
  • According to the dictates of aromatherapy, black styrax has various properties including promoting sleep and aiding in meditation, as well as being a remedy for coughs and colds. Naturally, since aromatherapy is pseudoscience without proven basis, it is up to the individual to believe whether these characteristics are true or not.
  • What is certain, however (and there is no possibility of denial) is that black styrax resin is able to create a pleasant and welcoming environment, thanks to its resinous and floral smell at the same time. It is an unmistakable perfume that has brought everyone together since ancient times
  • Excellent for purifying environments and attracting positive energy for meditation or spiritual practices.
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