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Shungite Elite pendant with chain or rubber

Shungite Elite pendant with chain or rubber

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XS: 5-10mm
S: 10-20mm
M: 20-30mm
L: 30-40mm

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Natural raw elite Shungite pendant, available with stainless steel chain or black rubber wire.

  • Stone dimensions : from 20 to 30 mm.
  • Length of chain/thread : 50cm/40cm
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Properties of the stone

Shungite is a sedimentary stone composed almost exclusively of carbon, dating back to two billion years ago, found near the village of Shun'ga, from which it takes its name, located in the Karelia region of Russia. Surprising physical, chemical and bioenergetic properties are attributed to it. Unlike Black Tourmaline and other crystals, which recharge more quickly and even negatively, Shungite , thanks to its particular molecular characteristics (Fullerenes), never charges negatively. Fullerenes are able to create a mechanical barrier to the diffusion of negative elements and are being studied for the creation of new, more targeted antibiotic and anti-tumor drugs. It neutralizes all types of radiation and counteracts the damage caused by electromagnetic waves emitted by modern wireless electronic devices. Strengthens the energy body, reactivating the circulation of vital energy and repairing damage caused by negative radiation. It protects the environment and removes negative memories, harmonizing the place and creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Strengthens the energy system and stimulates the immune defenses, promoting healing and recovery of lost strength. It prevents epidemics (including influenza) and is useful during seasonal changes. It helps you adapt to the new frequencies present on earth, allowing you to ascend to the higher realms of existence. Calms emotional states and reduces mood swings. It keeps the skin younger and makes the hair strong, shiny and silky.

Available in two versions: with stainless steel chain or with rubber thread.

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