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Shiva Lingam pendant with chain or rubber

Shiva Lingam pendant with chain or rubber

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XS: 5-10mm
S: 10-20mm
M: 20-30mm
L: 30-40mm

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Natural smooth Shiva Lingam pendant, available with stainless steel chain or black rubber wire.

  • Stone dimensions : from 20 to 30 mm.
  • Length of chain/thread : 50cm/40cm
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Properties of the stone

The stones called Shiva Lingam are found in the Narmada River, (hence the name) which is one of the seven sacred places of India. The Shiva Lingam , which is a blend of agate, basalt and jasper into quartz, is considered a devotional symbol of God Shiva. The oval, egg-shaped stone is considered a phallic symbol of Shiva, the famous Hindu god. Legend says that the Shiva Lingam compound comes from a meteorite that crashed into the earth millions of years ago. The currents of the Narmada River helped shape the stone into egg shape. The Shiva Lingam represents both male strength (Knowledge) and female strength (Wisdom), as well as the Cosmic Egg from which all creation emerged.
The Shiva Lingam is for fueling the entire chakra system, increasing strength and enhancing vitality. Stimulates kundalini energy bringing positive change and helping our personal growth.
It is a powerful symbol of love: it opens our path towards true love that leads to unity.
The Shiva Lingam is able to balance all the energies of the physical body, for problems of infertility and impotence (especially male), and is recognized as an excellent stone for grounding. It possesses a supreme ability to amplify the life force (Ki) and vibrational power of other stones or crystals, and is a stone that does not require charging or cleansing.

The Shiva Lingam together with moldavite can bring great transformation and protection into our lives, encouraging both the release of old patterns and the embracing of new ideas and changes.

Available in two versions: with stainless steel chain or with rubber thread.
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