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Hyaline Quartz Tip Pendant with chain or rubber

Hyaline Quartz Tip Pendant with chain or rubber

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XS: 5-10mm
S: 10-20mm
M: 20-30mm
L: 30-40mm

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Natural smooth Hyaline Quartz pendant, available with stainless steel chain or black rubber wire.

  • Stone dimensions : from 20 to 30 mm.
  • Length of chain/thread : 50cm/40cm
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Properties of the stone

The properties of Hyaline Quartz have been known for a long time. The ancient Maya used this stone to enhance their rituals, while in Ancient China it was even used to relieve thirst. Shamans, believing it came from the sky, used it to make contact with higher spirits.

The properties of Hyaline Quartz (Rock Crystal) make it a universal conductor, whose main action is to channel high frequency energy on the earthly plane, it reflects pure White Light, it is used to illuminate thoughts, feelings and daily actions. It is a very versatile stone, it purifies and protects, awakens the spirit, amplifies, concentrates, stores, regenerates and transforms; of great help in personal growth because it instills beneficial positive energy. It orders thoughts, clears the mind, develops the ability to affirm one's profound nature and one's beliefs.

The Hyaline Quartz (Rock Crystal) stimulates self-knowledge and the recovery of unconscious memories, helps to solve problems in the simplest way and to recover lost psychic faculties. It promotes the superior perceptions of the soul, activates all levels of consciousness and paranormal potential, amplifies the energy of positive thinking, in crystal therapy it is suitable for anyone on the path of spiritual research and knowledge.

Work on the seventh chakra by increasing its vibration and connecting it with cosmic energy; promotes contact with the Higher Self, helps to find one's path towards fulfillment.

Ideal master crystal to introduce the discovery and knowledge of the fascinating world of crystals, promotes meditation, amplifies the effects of other crystals, perfect for concentrating positive affirmations, prayers and sending healing thoughts.

In crystal therapy the Hyaline Quartz (Rock Crystal) is widely used to increase the strength of one's aura and to repair any holes in it, it helps to form a sort of etheric bubble of protection, absorbing and transmuting negative energies into positive ones, it makes the aura vibrate at a frequency such as to purify every weak and dark part.

It is a powerful crystal capable of receiving, activating, storing, transmitting and amplifying the energy present in the universe.

Increases communication between the various dimensions, with the higher self and spirit guides. It is so rich in energy that for particularly sensitive subjects, it may seem as if they are surrounded by a spiral of continuously moving energy.

The Hyaline Quartz is used for lower fever . Placed under the soles of the feet, it is said to reduce body temperature. When put in contact with the body, it rebalances circulation and stimulates the functioning of the endocrine glands. It acts on the entire nervous sphere, balancing its functions.

Available in two versions: with stainless steel chain or with rubber thread.

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