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Amethyst tip pendant with chain or rubber

Amethyst tip pendant with chain or rubber

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XS: 5-10mm
S: 10-20mm
M: 20-30mm
L: 30-40mm

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Natural raw Amethyst tip pendant, available with stainless steel chain or black rubber wire.

  • Stone dimensions : from 20 to 30 mm.
  • Length of chain/thread : 50cm/40cm
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Properties of the stone

The end of the Amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos , which means "not intoxicated" and is present in different ways and uses, in almost all religious practices in the world. 
This stone is used in crystal therapy to encourage the opening of the energy centers of the human being and this makes it one of the most important "stones of power". Amethyst brings compassion, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Known as the "Stone of the Spirit" or "Stone of Integrity", Amethyst is also associated with the Buddha, and in Tibet it is frequently used to make rosaries called Mala, used in the practice of meditation.
The Amethyst gives common sense and flexibility in decisions. It strengthens and improves psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant abilities by being energetically directly connected with the energy of our mind. 
Excellent detoxifying stone, Amethyst it helps with addictions and calms the nervous system and favors the transmission of signals within it.

The stone Amethyst it is an exceptional energy transmuter: it helps to open doors into intense and transformative spiritual experiences. Excellent stone for meditating on the sixth and seventh Chakra.
Among its peculiarities we remember that of being the main stone for the purification of other stones. Placing a stone on a druze of Amethyst and by following a specific procedure, it is in fact possible to regenerate and purify it.

The Amethyst it is also used in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, which prescribes the stone to relieve stomach pain or to have a peaceful sleep and not have bad dreams. It also has various beneficial effects on a physical level: it is useful against headaches, for insomnia, to relieve pain and stimulate digestion and metabolism.

Pendant can be purchased in two versions: with stainless steel chain or with rubber thread.

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