Pyramidology is a branch of alternative medicine and esoteric sciences that studies the properties exerted by the "pyramid shape" on what comes within its field of action. It is therefore a discipline with implications that are not only therapeutic and curative. In fact, if adequately explored, it could help us better understand the interactions between matter, energy and the space in which they move.
Anyone who has had the opportunity to study the behavior of the pyramid (or more precisely the "pyramid shape") has observed its ability to convey cosmic radiation towards itself, breaking it down into its parts and simultaneously interfering with the Earth's magnetic field. The subject inside is subjected to an irradiation process which is curative for a vast series of ailments.
Physics teaches that the electric charge in conducting bodies tends to be distributed uniformly on the surface if the conductor is spherical.
In the case of polyhedral conductors, such as cones and pyramids, there is a maximum accumulation of charge at the vertex, from which the charge itself will then tend to disperse. Having applied this principle to the Pyramid of Cheops, we will notice that, if on the one hand it functions as a large solar mirror, thanks to its reflective power, on the other hand it concentrates cosmic radiation on the apex and disperses it from there.
The same principle is not valid for pyramids currently used for therapeutic purposes, since they do not have mirror coatings and are usually used in closed environments. Likewise, it must be considered that the dispersive effect created by the apex is in any case attenuated by the lateral framework of the pyramid which extends into the base. In this way the captured radiant energy is distributed uniformly in the volume circumscribed by the frame itself.
Permanence inside the pyramid, by virtue of its radio-induced neuroendocrine effects, brings the human organism to the optimum of its conservative function, preventing a good part of the phenomena linked to neurological and metabolic stress which favor the processes of cellular wear and aging .
A structure in which long-term conservation of organic tissues can be implemented can also appear to us as a refuge in which to stay if external environmental conditions become prohibitive.

The Pyramid is therefore considered a condenser of cosmic energy, an object with extraordinary powers, which embodies superior knowledge of the universe. In this way, a real parascience called pyramidology developed, whose creator was the scholar of occult phenomena and psychic Antoine Bovis who in the 1930s created small miniatures of the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza, known as the Great Pyramid, to ascertain their effect on the mummification of dead animals. Subsequently, the engineer Karel Drbal and other scholars went further and attributed to the pyramids the power to sharpen razor blades and knives, preserve food, delay the souring of milk, promote the growth of vegetables, purify polluted water, improve the mental activity, treat stress and various pathologies.
Between 1970 and 1990 Rodriguez Alvizo Luis Alberto and his group conducted a series of experiments reaching the conclusion that it was not the pyramids themselves that produced the observed effects, but their geometric shape, so a simple frame with the measurements appropriate could function as the complete model. According to this, the energies of the earth and the cosmic ones, distinguished into a hot and dynamic centrifugal force and a cold and receptive centripetal force, can circulate and multiply inside the pyramid, provided that the geometric relationships are the same as those of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pyramid Therapy has recently taken hold, therapy under the influence of the pyramids, which is able to improve the physical and mental performance of subjects made to lie inside them and to cure various pathologies, making patients regain lost energy.
The duration of each session varies from half an hour to an hour, with a frequency ranging from one to three times a week.

Results obtained after pyramid therapy sessions:

The complete resolution of symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, sinusitis, neuralgia, digestive problems, migraine, brittle hair, hysterical bolus, itching, diarrhea, leukorrhea, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, cystitis, muscle cramps, etc.
Many other symptoms, although not completely eliminated, have decreased in intensity and frequency and some symptoms have sometimes, very rarely, become accentuated.
Another interesting survey was carried out by asking the sensations experienced by the subjects during the sessions.

Here is a list of the main ones:

- No particular sensation

- Sense of peace and well-being

- General relaxation

- Sensation of tingling or warmth

- Sporadic flare-up of old, mostly chronic pain

- Dry mouth

- Ringing sensation in the ears

- Sensation of hairs standing on end

- Drowsiness

- After the session: strong urge to urinate, slight momentary dizziness, slight, transient increase in blood pressure, sense of well-being, great increase in mental clarity, increasing energy throughout the day and in some cases (less than 1%) slight insomnia for hyper energy.
The objective, documented findings are obviously smaller in number although more significant. The atrophy of some fibroids or in any case their reduction, the reabsorption of edema, the elimination of asthma attacks, the weight loss of hypertriglyceridemia of 40% in a single session, the elimination of ovarian cysts, etc. was achieved. .
The aluminum loaded under the pyramid for a few minutes has become an excellent aid for local pain. In this case, in addition to the almost instantaneous remission of the symptoms, it was noted that the disorders themselves tend to decrease in a lasting way both quantitatively and qualitatively.
By subjecting the medicines to the pyramidal influence for a few hours, their energy and healing power are increased.
By placing medications such as cortisone or benzodiazepines or antibiotics at the level of the solar plexus of the person who needed such remedies under the pyramid, a passage of information from the medicine to the patient was obtained without side effects.
The pyramid behaved, in this case like a radionic machine.
Colored pieces of cloth provided valuable help to people when they were placed in contact with the part to be treated during one or more sessions.

Placed inside a pyramid the water is purified and energized.

Pyramidology and natural stones

As can be imagined, the pyramid is able to convey cosmic radiation not only on organic matter, but also on inorganic matter, thus giving it the energy that it has previously conveyed on its summit. This is even more true if underneath the pyramid there is not simple inorganic matter, but rather a hard stone, or a mineral compound with a crystalline structure already "designed" to have an effect on the matter surrounding it. By combining the qualities of the two stones and the pyramids we will obtain objects deeply imbued with that subtle energy that surrounds every "living being" and which, if correctly directed, is able to help us in daily and extraordinary efforts.

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