Pirite: usi, proprietà e significato in cristalloterapia

Pyrite: uses, properties and meaning in crystal therapy

Pyrite aggregates comprising crystals are generally hydrothermal in nature; the spheroidal granules and even the exact "Spanish cubes" are formed, however, by sedimentation in clay and coal; finally, the well-known "pyrite suns" are of sedimentary origin.

  • Chemical formula : FeS2 + Co, Ni, Sb + (Cu, Au, Ag, Zn)
  • Appearance : it has a metallic appearance of a beautiful silver color and can be shiny or matte depending on the quality. Its crystals take on a cubic conformation and can overlap in overlapping masses or in individual cubic crystals.
  • Element : fire
  • Associated chakras : 3rd chakra, located in the belly, Sanskrit name: Manipura
  • Planets : Mars, Pluto
  • Zodiac signs : Aries, Scorpio

PROPERTIES OF PYRITE IN BRIEF : It can help stimulate metabolism and digestion . It helps to intensify the strength and vitality of an individual. Protects from negative energies . Stimulates the mind and improves memory. Helps develop concentration . It stimulates awareness of what is really behind and within oneself.

pyrite meaning crystal healing properties


The term 'pyrite' means "flint", and in fact, if struck, this stone releases sparks, as was already known in the Stone Age, when it was used to light fire. Since it was thought that it actually contained fire inside it, it was for a long time used for the production of amulets or, for therapeutic purposes, as a stone capable of heating.

Effects of Pyrite on the Physical Body:

It sheds light on unclear clinical pictures, allowing the causes to be identified. In particular, "pyrite suns" have a pain-relieving action.

Pyrite must be kept in direct contact with the skin only for a short time, as its prolonged use, especially in the presence of sweat, can cause the separation of the iron sulphide, which is irritating to the skin and harmful to the color of clothes. .

In light of this, it is therefore preferable to use it as a meditation stone , or place it in a point from which it is constantly visible.

It can help stimulate metabolism and digestion , promoting better assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins . It helps to intensify the strength and vitality of an individual.

pyrite meaning crystal healing properties

Effects of pyrite on the psyche:

Pyrite has positive influences on the psyche:

Pyrite has a unique energy mix that makes it suitable for use in any home or workplace. This stone protects from negative energies . Pyrite is a powerful stone of protection that acts on a physical, etheric and emotional level and serves to protect against all types of bad vibrations .

It stimulates the mind and improves memory , making it easier to recall important information when necessary. It helps develop concentration , improves learning ability, promotes productivity and creativity.

Pyrite helps us look beyond the surface of things, stimulating awareness of what is really behind and inside the things themselves. It makes you aware of your true nature and highlights both the positive and negative sides of your nature. It induces the subject to reveal the hidden sides of himself, thus making him open and loyal towards others.

It brings out the underlying causes of conflicts and diseases, allowing their elimination.

Famous for being able to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence . Its use strengthens our sense of identity and helps us overcome any blocks and fears that prevent us from achieving our goals.

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