Pietra di luna (adularia). Significato e proprietà

Moonstone (adularia). Meaning and properties

Moonstone (Adularia) is a potassium feldspar on which, due to the internal lamellar structure, incident light refracts, creating the typical opalescences of Adularia.

As the name indicates, this mineral is associated with the moon . It, therefore, has always been traditionally connected to the sphere of intuition , feelings , the heart and fertility . In Eastern and European cultures, it was used as an amulet or good luck charm.

  • Chemical formula : K[AlSi3O8] + Na, Fe, Ba
  • Appearance : Moonstone takes on shades and colors ranging from crisp white to cream and peachy pink.
  • Element : Water
  • Associated chakras : 2nd chakra, Svadhishthana, linked to the sexual organs .
  • Planets : moon
  • Zodiac signs : Cancer, Pisces

PROPERTIES OF MOONSTONE IN BRIEF : Moonstone brings purification and emotional balance and promotes personal growth . It is a "spiritualizing" stone, whose energy supports inner strength and the development of consciousness , intuition and mediumistic faculties. It restores emotional balance and stability and works and amplifies Yin energies . Facilitates fertility and childbirth.

Raw moonstone meaning properties


Effects of Moonstone on the Physical Body:

Stimulates the activity of the pineal gland . By making it more sensitive to light, it allows it to harmonize the hormonal cycle with the rhythms of nature. In this way, it makes the woman more fertile and helps her overcome problems related to menstruation , after giving birth or at a critical age.

Its usefulness is associated with specific problems and disorders of the liver , pancreas , stomach and spleen . It is also known to help the lymphatic system (helps purify the blood) and improve the digestive system

Effects of moonstone on the psyche:

This wonderful stone stimulates the mediumistic and prescient faculties of the subject. It helps to experience lucid dreams , especially during the full moon phase, and strengthens the intuition and foresight of the wearer.

It brings great emotional well-being . The use of this mineral allows the individual to more easily accept their irrational aspects, calming them and integrating them into their daily lives.

It intensifies feelings and mitigates moody temperament, expanding and re-balancing our Yin energy.

Moonstone properties meaning flataria crystal therapy

Regular uses of moonstone help make you more receptive and responsive to the feelings and suffering of others. In this way it helps to be more open and not isolate oneself due to fears or selfishness. We will be able to demonstrate love and sincere compassion towards others.

It also mitigates reactions caused by anger and envy . It allows you to see these aspects so that they lose strength and vigor.

For it to produce its effects on a spiritual level, the moonstone must be placed on the forehead . For it to produce them on a psychological level, it must be applied to the heart region . Alternatively, simply take it with you.

Women's Stone : Moonstone's powers are often perceived as improving emotional balance , allowing a woman to control her anger and any imbalances caused by hormonal cycles. It is believed to help regulate menstrual disorders and relieve pain during childbirth.

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