Ossidiana, tutte le varietà: significato e proprietà

Obsidian, all varieties: meaning and properties

Black obsidian natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms due to the sudden cooling of lavas mostly rich in silica in contact with water or very low atmospheric temperatures.

Rapid cooling (thermal shock) prevents crystals from forming and produces an amorphous and rigid mass, rich in solid, liquid and gaseous inclusions. For this reason, obsidian is also called 'rock glass' or 'volcanic glass'.

Its base color is black, and it is normally opaque. Only if there are no foreign substances present in the lava can transparent obsidian, called smoked obsidian, form. The possible presence of iron produces brown spots, and we have the so-called mahogany obsidian.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2 + Fe2O3 + H2O + Al, C, Ca, K, Na, Fe
  • Appearance : in its most common variant it is midnight black in colour, with a glassy consistency and extremely fragile.
  • Element : Earth
  • Associated chakras : 1st chakra, located in the coccyx, Muladhara .
  • Planets : Saturn
  • Zodiac signs : Capricorn
PROPERTIES OF OBSIDIAN IN BRIEF : helps to courageously face fears , to resurface and overcome blocks and traumas of the past. Protects from negative energies and purifies the environment. A deeply spiritual stone, it promotes inner growth and the awakening of awareness.

    Black obsidian natural stone meaning crystal healing properties


    Obsidian belongs to the oldest cult stones in human history. Already during the Stone Age, rattles were produced with it which were used for ritualistic purposes.

    In ancient times it was believed to be able to drive away demons and was also used to heal wounds and alleviate pain. While in Europe it was used for magical and propitiatory rites, the Mayan priests of the God Tezcalipoca used obsidian mirrors for divinatory purposes. It owes its current name to Obsius, the Roman who, according to Pliny's accounts, discovered it in the territory of modern-day Ethiopia.

    Mahogany obsidian properties meaning

    Effects of obsidian on the physical body:

    Obsidian relieves pain , reduces tension and dissolves energy blockages . Accelerates wound healing by stopping blood loss and stimulating tissue regeneration . It stimulates blood circulation, and is therefore indicated in the case of chronically cold hands or feet.

    Obsidian aids digestion and detoxifies. Reduces pain from arthritis , joint problems and cramps.

    It has strong healing energy and is known to help break free from addictions , eating disorders and negative behaviors.

    Black obsidian natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Effects of obsidian on the psyche:

    Depending on the variety, the fundamental properties of obsidian take on different nuances.

    • Black obsidian helps overcome shocks , fears , blocks and traumas of all kinds. Providing profound healing of the soul, obsidian returns to past lives to heal the individual, bringing to the surface emotions or traumas that have unconsciously dragged into the present, thus bringing greater clarity of emotions. Obsidian brings out mental stress and tension . It restores growth at all levels and opens new horizons.
    • Snowflake obsidian in particular has the ability to make you appreciate the here and now, it teaches you to see every moment as something unique. It supports in times when deep concentration is needed.
    • Mahogany obsidian relieves irrational emotional impulses and gives the ability to be more clear-headed, without becoming emotionally cold.

    Obsidian represents the truth in everything: the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad. It will definitely help you better understand both the light and darkness present in your soul. Additionally, this stone can help one move away from darkness to accept light and love.

    Snowflake Obsidian Properties Meaning

    It has a revitalizing action and brings out ideas and images from deep within. It gives sensations an unexpected depth and helps to overcome any type of fanaticism. Finally, it purifies the environment , eliminating any negative influences .

    It makes the subject more aware and pushes him to change his behavior patterns. It promotes his sensitivity and helps him understand how mysterious there is in phenomena and events.

    Obsidian dissolves emotional blocks and traumas from the past . Encourages qualities of compassion and strength.

    Obsidian has the ability to answer the biggest questions about life and love. It can manifest the meaning of the deepest mysteries of life, the people you love, and the world at large.

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