Onice nero, proprietà e significato

Black onyx, properties and meaning

Black onyx natural stone meaning crystal therapy properties

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, whose black color is produced by the presence of iron and carbon inclusions. It is formed by a hydrothermal or hydrological process (from colder magmas) in rock cavities. In the Middle Ages it was considered the stone of misfortune, sadness and fear. It was thought to produce hallucinations and argumentativeness.

In addition to black, there are other varieties of colors, but black remains the most popular. Demons were once believed to use onyx to possess anyone who possessed the stone.

  • Chemical formula : CaCO3 + Fe, Mn (Co. Pb, Sr).
  • Appearance : calcite is an opaque stone that can come in various colors, which vary from light blue, to blue, to green, passing through yellow and orange . Its shades can be traced back to the presence of traces of metals within its crystalline structure. Very often the stones are dotted with small white spots, which is the color of anhydrite in its most classic form.
  • Element : Earth
  • Associated chakras : 1st chakra, located in the coccyx. Sanskrit name: Muladhara.
  • Planets : Pluto
  • Zodiac signs : Scorpio
PROPERTIES OF ONYX IN BRIEF : promotes profound self-knowledge , helps us understand ourselves , our mind, our purposes and desires. Protects from negative energies and promotes grounding .

    Black onyx natural stone meaning crystal therapy properties


    Other ancient people believed that the blacker the onyx became, the more negative energy it absorbed, so they began using it regularly.

    Cleopatra is said to have worn an onyx amulet that detected negative influences, dangers or incoming enemies. As? Well, it is said that the onyx amulet she wore vibrated when these possible dangers approached her.

    It is currently believed that the stone protects its bearer from nightmares and other unwanted events during the night. Furthermore, it is effective in relieving physical, mental and spiritual trauma.

    Black onyx natural stone meaning crystal therapy properties

    Effects of Black Onyx on the Physical Body:

    It improves hearing and heals diseases affecting the ear . It stimulates the functionality of the afferent and efferent nerves, and is indicated for poor eyesight. Strengthens the immune system against infectious manifestations.
    It must be carried with you for a long time, as its action occurs only slowly.

    It has a soothing action on physical pain . If you suffer from stomach ache, an onyx stone could help soothe the pain. The same goes for headaches, toothaches, neck pain, back pain, muscle fatigue, leg cramps and the like.

    Onyx can also help relieve pain during childbirth . Its calming essence helps soothe muscle contractions during labor.

    An onyx amulet can also help improve its bearer's metabolism . Therefore, weight loss is easier.

    Black onyx natural stone meaning crystal therapy properties

    Effects of black onyx on the psyche:

    The mind is certainly the most critical and sensitive part of the human being. It is responsible for our health as a whole, both physical and psychological and onyx is known for its healing properties on a mental level.

    In fact, black onyx brings to the surface feelings , emotions and mental structures and in this way helps us to have a clearer and more in-depth vision of ourselves , our goals and life in general.

    It helps us realize ourselves , pushing us to relentlessly pursue our goals. Strengthens self-awareness and sense of responsibility . It promotes a healthy sense of identity and psychologically prepares the individual to face life's adversities.

    If you have difficulty imagining your future, for example, an onyx amulet can open your eyes and help you visualize your tomorrow according to your talents and purposes.

    Black onyx natural stone meaning crystal therapy properties

    This gemstone helps stabilize harmony and balance within our lives. If you have trouble maintaining a work-life balance, it is beneficial to get an onyx stone.

    It stimulates analytical and logical thinking , improves the ability to concentrate and helps to argue clearly and concisely. It makes you realistic and teaches you to control your actions.

    Onyx is also a powerful protection amulet. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits and entities that want to cause harm to its bearer.

    Black onyx increases the sense of rootedness and finding one's place in the world. It also strengthens the connection with Mother Earth.

    As a gemstone, it enhances its bearer's relationship bonds with the people around. Promotes honesty and integrity.

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