Occhio di tigre giallo/falco/gatto - significato e proprietà

Yellow tiger/hawk/cat's eye - meaning and properties

Tiger's eye natural stone properties meaning crystal therapy

Tiger's eye is one of the best-known stones in the field of crystal healing. It is a variety of quartz that has oxidized crocidolite fibers inside . The silk-like reflections produced by crocidolite fibers closely resemble those of an eye. This is where the name of the stone comes from, as well as the ancient belief that it has a beneficial effect on the eyes.

There are three basic variants of the yellow tiger's eye : the red variety , the cat's eye and the hawk's eye.

  • Red tiger's eye : characterized by a bright dark red colour , the appearance of the crystal is otherwise identical to the yellow tiger's eye. Strengthens determination , counteracts excess tiredness , narcolepsy and periods of anti-fatigue stress .
  • Cat's eye : this stone is mostly green/grey in color and is characterized by a series of straight linear features that all proceed in the same direction, towards the center, just like the iris of a cat. It was considered a talisman against the evil eye .
  • Hawkeye : The colors of the stone vary from blue to dark gray . The appearance is similar to tiger's eye, although it often has inclusions of ferrous material. It seems to be a stone that protects against jealousy and promotes awareness.

Hawk's eye stone properties meaning crystal therapy


  • Chemical formula : SiO2 + FeOOH
  • Appearance : as already indicated, the color and appearance of tiger's eye changes depending on the variety.
  • Element : Each variety is associated with a specific element.
    - Yellow tiger's eye : Fire .
    - Red Tiger's Eye : Fire.
    - Hawkeye : Air, Water.
    - Cat's eye : Air, Water.
  • Associated chakras : the chakra changes based on the variety of the stone.
    - Yellow tiger's eye : works very well on the 3rd chakra , Manipura in Sanskrit.
    - Red tiger eye : works on the 1st chakra , Muladhara in Sanskrit.
    - Hawk's eye : works on the 6th chakra , Ajna in Sanskrit, the third eye.
    - Cat's eye : works on the 5th and 6th chakra , in Sanskrit Vishuddha and Ajna .
  • Planets : each variety of "eye" is associated with one or more planets.
    - Yellow tiger's eye : Mercury.
    - Red tiger's eye : Mars.
    - Hawkeye : Saturn, Uranus.
    - Cat's eye : Mercury.
  • Zodiac signs : Libra, Virgo
PROPERTIES OF TIGER'S EYE IN BRIEF : rebalances energy , gives courage and determination , wisdom and combativeness . It supports in pain and helps to achieve success in the field of work and in society.

    Red tiger's eye natural stone properties meaning crystal therapy


    The Egyptians were fascinated by the tiger's eye and sculptures of their deities were depicted with a tiger's eye as if it were their real eye.

    This stone is well known for its protective properties and its ability to help free oneself from fears and anxieties. Furthermore, it is considered a stone that promotes concentration and emotional balance. It is believed to particularly help those who feel blocked by emotional pain.

    Effects of Tiger's Eye on the Physical Body:

    Yellow/red tiger's eye : strengthens the body and balances energy levels. Counteracts excess tiredness , narcolepsy and periods of anti-fatigue stress . Particularly suitable for those who suffer from frequent flu, asthma and colds as it tends to heat our body.

    Cat's eye : it is linked to eye health and an increase in visual abilities. Promotes lung and bronchial health. Very useful for fighting headaches and for rebalancing the body's energy flow. Helps the correct functioning of the liver and intestines .

    Hawkeye : relieves the suffering of chronic migraines. It calms the nervous system and rebalances it.

    Since this stone tends to slow down the flow of energy in the body, its therapeutic use should never be continued for more than one consecutive week and should be divided into several sessions of one week each.

    Hawk's eye natural stone properties meaning crystal therapy

    Effects of tiger's eye on the psyche:

    Yellow/red tiger's eye : helps to overcome difficult moments and not to lose courage and self-confidence . It allows you to defend yourself from oppressive situations and intrusive people, thus reducing the effects of stress and negative influences.

    Helps keep critical situations under control. It is also useful in cases where there is a tendency to hesitate. It helps to clarify one's ideas, enhances the spirit of initiative (in fact it is highly recommended for all very dispersive personalities). Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

    Cat's eye natural stone properties meaning crystal therapy

    Hawkeye : Increases the ability to see reality. It helps in concentration and study , brings mental clarity . It brings serenity on a mental and emotional level.

    Cat's eye : it has long been considered the lucky stone of mystics and those who practice esotericism. Increases wisdom. It is a stone that complements the work of healers. Finally, it protects against evil spirits and promotes clairvoyance .

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