Malachite, significato e proprietà

Malachite, meaning and properties

Malachite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Malachite is a secondary rock, which forms in the oxidation zone of copper deposits, thanks to the action of surface water which removes copper from the rock, which, upon reacting, produces copper carbonate. Malachite is similar to azurite, compared to which, however, it contains more water.
Malachite comes from the Greek word malakos which means soft .

  • Chemical formula : CaCO3 + Fe, Mn (Co. Pb, Sr).
  • Appearance : malachite is characterized by a splendid intense dark green color alternating with light green shades and marbling tending towards cream.
  • Element : Air, Earth
  • Associated chakras : 4th chakra, of the heart, in Sanskrit Anahata (“Heart”).
  • Planets : Venus, Saturn
  • Zodiac signs : Libra, Virgo
PROPERTIES OF MALACHITE IN BRIEF : gives mental clarity , lucidity , attention . It supports femininity , both materially and psychologically. Helps solve sexual problems . It gives determination in the pursuit of success .

    Malachite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties


    Malachite has always been considered a symbol of the female figure , and in all cultures it has been used to honor some goddess: in Egypt, Hathor; in Greece, Aphrodite; in Europe, Freya. Malachite represented seduction, sensuality, beauty, curiosity, aesthetic sense and musical arts. It was considered the stone of paradise.

    Already in the Middle Ages it was believed that it was able to alleviate menstrual problems and facilitate childbirth. For this last reason, it is still known today as "the stone of midwives".

    Currently, the gem is widely used by healers to relieve pain and ailments in the human body. It also serves as a protective stone. It protects its bearer from bad intentions and malice.

    Malachite is also considered a stone of change. It should be used when you want to get out of your comfort zone.

    Malachite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Effects of Malachite on the Physical Body:

    It has an antispasmodic action. It is useful for menstrual disorders and makes childbirth easier.

    It contributes to the development of the female primary and secondary sexual organs , healing their possible affections.

    Similarly, it can contribute to the solution of problems of a sexual nature , particularly if they result from past negative experiences.

    Finally, it stimulates liver function, acts as a detoxifier , reduces rheumatism, reduces tissue acidity and promotes nervous and brain activity.

    Malachite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Malachite positively influences the psyche:

    It promotes the aesthetic sense, sensuality, love of beauty, the spirit of friendship and justice.

    Malachite awakens the solar plexus chakra, where sexual desires and intuition reside. It allows you to regain an active and fruitful sensual relationship with your partner.

    It helps to put yourself in other people's shoes , to better understand their thoughts and feelings. This is why it is an excellent stone to use to resolve conflicts and disagreements.

    It reduces shyness and stimulates the thirst for knowledge. It makes life intense and adventurous. It makes the subject more aware, making him aware of his own desires, needs and ideals, and of the fact that it is within his power to realize them. In fact, it gives its bearer greater self-confidence .

    It develops greater determination in those who use it and pushes them to achieve their goals in the world of work , career and money . For this reason this stone is suitable for those seeking success and prosperity.

    Malachite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Strengthens the individual's faculty of understanding . They learn to process the information they receive more quickly, thanks to a livelier imagination and deeper awareness. His thoughts flow more fluidly, and he can make quicker decisions, without unnecessary hesitation.

    Malachite also strengthens the spirit of observation , ensuring that even the smallest details are quickly grasped and correctly interpreted. In this way, the critical capacity of the subject is strengthened, who thus learns to relate to reality in a more realistic and satisfying way.

    The use of malachite during meditation is very useful as it helps in correct and fluid breathing. This allows the individual to free the mind , concentrate and meditation will thus be more fruitful.

    It is often used in association with other stones :

    Malachite and chrysocolla

    Their combination is known to be very powerful in dispelling negative energies and to greatly enhance all the intrinsic properties of malachite described above.

    Malachite And Agate

    Powerful combination for the regenerative abilities of the body and psyche.

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