Lepidolite, significato e proprietà

Lepidolite, meaning and properties

Lepidolite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Lepidolite is a lithium-containing mica. Of primary origin, it is formed in the pegmatites and geodes of some greisen, magmatic rocks that have undergone the action of fluorine-rich fluids. It was discovered in the 18th century, and first received the name "lilalite" from Abbé Poda, connected not only to its color, but also to the Indian term 'lila', which means 'game'. The mineralogist Klaproth, however, contested this denomination, considering it unscientific and adopted the name lepidolite for this rock. The geological conditions suitable for lepidolite to form are quite rare and this is why lepidolite is a rare gem.

  • Chemical formula : CaCO3 + Fe, Mn (Co. Pb, Sr).
  • Appearance : Lepidolite is a potassium silicate compound. The primary colors of most lepidolite specimens are magenta, crimson, and purple
  • Element : Water and Air
  • Associated chakras : 6th and 7th chakras, located respectively in the eyebrow (third eye) and on the top of the head, called Ajna and Sahasrara
  • Planets : Neptune, Aquarius
  • Zodiac signs : Pisces, Aquarius
PROPERTIES OF LEPIDOLITE IN BRIEF : it has a powerful calming power, attracts positive energies and wards off negative energies. It supports meditation and helps counteract depression .


    Effects of Lepidolite on the physical body:

    Helps overcome sciatica pain, neuralgia and joint problems.

    It has a detoxifying and purifying action, stimulating the purification processes of skin and tissues .

    Lepidolite is believed to be beneficial for solving the annoying problem of insomnia .

    On a physical level, lepidolite is believed to possess soothing energy for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Lepidolite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Effects of lepidolite on the psyche:

    Lepidolite has always been associated with mental unity and tranquility . It has traditionally been used as a source of lithium, a commonly used treatment for people suffering from confused feelings, depressive moods and manic disorders.

    It protects the subject from external influences and negative energies, pushing him to withdraw when needed and helping us to channel higher energies.

    Lepidolite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    The tranquility and calmness of lepidolite helps focus on answers, allowing people to address the root of their anxiety instead of allowing it to take control. The ultra-calming frequencies of this crystal are also what makes it a powerful gemstone for promoting rest and meditation .

    Inspires calm and inner peace ; It is indicated in case of insomnia . It stimulates both the ability to reflect and be objective, as well as the ability to make decisions. It helps you concentrate on the essentials and pursue your goals without getting distracted.

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