Lapislazzuli, significato e proprietà

Lapis lazuli, meaning and properties

Lapis lazuli natural stone properties and meaning crystal therapy

Lapis lazuli is formed during the metamorphosis of calcium into marble. The presence of iron determines the formation of gold-colored pyritic inclusions. The term “lapis lazulo” derives from Persian, and means blue stone. Other stones of the same color were also called by the same name. Regarding this stone, all that is known is that it was used for ritualistic purposes in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

  • Chemical formula : (Na,Ca)8[SO4/S/Cl)2/(AlSiO4)6] + Fe
  • Appearance : Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone and is made up of lazurite, sparkling pyrite, cloudy white calcite and other minerals.
  • Element : Garnet is associated with the element of water .
  • Associated chakras : fifth chakra, located in the throat: Vishuddh a .
  • Planets : Mercury, Jupiter
  • Zodiac signs : Sagittarius, Taurus
PROPERTIES OF LAPIS LAZULI IN BRIEF : stone of friendship and sincere affection, increases wisdom , extroversion , altruism . It gives clarity and an introspective look .

    Lapis lazuli natural stone meaning crystal healing properties


    The use of this stone in jewelry has been declared to be among the oldest in history and is more than 6,500 years old.

    It was much loved and appreciated by the Jews, the Babylonians, the Minoans, the Chinese, the Greeks and the Romans. It was historically used in the death mask of King Tutankhamun and as a cosmetic by Cleopatra.

    Even the famous Michelangelo ground lapis lazuli to create a blue paint called ultramarine, which gave color to the clothes of Mary of Nazareth in his works.

    Lapis lazuli natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Effects of Lapis Lazuli on the Physical Body:

    It is indicated in disorders of the larynx , vocal cords and the neck region in general, especially when they are produced by repressed anger. It regulates the menstrual cycle and is useful in combating problems related to the female reproductive system.

    The properties of lapis lazuli are effective in soothing inflammation, helping both the respiratory and nervous systems to fight the problems that affect them.

    Also very useful for those suffering from vocal problems and sore throats, allergies, laryngitis and asthma.

    It can strengthen the immune system and is very beneficial if you suffer from vision problems. Also widely used to help combat dizziness. Also recognized as antipyretic.

    Lapis lazuli natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Effects of lapis lazuli on the psyche:

    It promotes the acquisition of profound wisdom and the expression of intellectual honesty, pushing one to affirm one's own inner truth within oneself and to simultaneously be of help to friends and acquaintances in this way. It helps to be yourself, without compromises and hesitations. And for this reason it is also known as the ' stone of friendship '.

    It makes you extroverted and facilitates the expression of your feelings . And for this reason it is considered a stone that facilitates communication with others.

    It helps us show our inner truth through our eyes, which allows others to see and accept it more easily. At the same time, it pushes us to express our opinions frankly. Helps to master conflicts.

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