Granato rosso, proprietà e significato

Red garnet, properties and meaning

Red garnet properties meaning crystal therapy

When people hear the word garnet, what usually comes to mind is the color red, although there are six types of garnet, in various different colors and including green, blue and more. The etymology of the term derives from the Latin word granatus , which means grain with a probable reference to mela granatum, pomegranate . Garnet deposits are made up of tiny grains of red crystal found within a rock.

  • Chemical formula : Fe 3 Al 2 (SiO 4 ) 3
  • Appearance : garnet owes its red color to the presence of iron inside the stone.
  • Element : Garnet is associated with the element fire .
  • Associated chakras : first chakra, fundamental or Muladhara .
  • Planets : Pluto, Mars.
  • Zodiac signs : Scorpio
PROPERTIES OF RED GARNET IN BRIEF : revitalizing , strengthening , energizing . Highly healing stone, it pushes towards dynamism , combativeness and expressing one's will. Increases libido .

    Red garnet properties meaning crystal therapy


    Garnet corresponds to the medieval carbuncle , the stone to which legend attributed the ability to shine in the darkness. At the time, in fact, it was believed that the carbuncle could give light and hope to souls who found themselves in darkness. It was also considered the stone of heroes , of those who were willing to face severe tests to test their courage.

    When it comes to therapeutic healing properties , garnet is truly one of the most powerful. If you want total healing for your feelings, emotions, mind, body and spirit, garnet is a wise choice.

    Effects of Red Garnet on the Physical Body:

    Garnet strengthens the body's regenerative power. It stimulates the metabolism and balances the composition of organic fluids, in particular blood.

    Red garnet meaning crystal healing properties

    Stabilizes circulation and strengthens the immune system ; facilitates the assimilation of nutrients by the intestine, and accelerates the healing of internal and external wounds.

    To work with its healing properties garnet can be worn as a stone mounted on necklaces, bracelets and medallions. Alternatively, it can be applied directly to the region of the body you wish to treat. In this regard, it is important that it is placed in direct contact with the skin.

    Effects of red garnet on the psyche:

    Garnet helps the individual to get out of those situations that seem to have no way out. It is the most suitable stone in moments of crisis and suffering , in which the collapse of one's values ​​and hopes generates a situation of great existential difficulty.

    It strengthens the inner fire , the desire to assert oneself, and the ability to collaborate with others, so important for living in harmony in one's community. It also pushes the individual to look beyond his narrow individual horizon, to commit himself to the collective interest. Red garnet meaning crystal healing properties

    Promotes self-confidence , willpower and joy of living.
    It instills courage , hope and optimism. It makes the individual see obstacles as challenges, worthy of being faced. In the presence of critical situations, the garnet generates perseverance, which is sometimes a source of amazement for the person concerned. Finally, it helps to free the subject from useless taboos and inhibitions, making his sexual life richer.

    It gives courage , combativeness , clarity and willpower, in fact it is recommended for those suffering from depressive states.

    This stone also has an effect on the sexual sphere, helping and supporting couples and increasing eroticism and libido . It acts on the inner fire , helping to express it in sentimental and sexual life. In general, garnet increases the sexual intimacy of its bearer and intensifies his libido. The redness of garnet ignites the sexual instinct

    Garnet is an important toning and renewing stone. It has an incredible purifying and energizing effect on all the Chakras within the body. Furthermore, it restores, purifies and stabilizes vigor, bringing peace and happiness. It eliminates energy blocks and allows us to best express our potential.

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