Giada, proprietà e significato

Jade, properties and meaning

Nephrite jade crystal healing properties

In the past, the name jade referred to jadeite and nephrite, two minerals with somewhat similar characteristics and appearance. Today, "jades" are defined as those minerals that mainly contain jadeite, while in ancient times only "nephrite", a variety of actinolite, was defined as jade.

Jadeite deposits have been discovered in the United States, Myanmar, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Japan

Jade has been considered a lucky charm for millennia, especially in the Far East. In fact, amulets were obtained from it. Among the ancient cultures of America and Asia, it was known for its beneficial effects on the kidneys.

  • Chemical formula : NaAlSi 2 O 6
  • Appearance : the classic green color of this stone is determined by a small amount of chromium present inside it.
  • Associated elements : Earth/Water
  • Associated chakra : jade is associated with the heart chakra, called Anahata .
  • Associated planets : Venus, Jupiter
  • Associated astrological signs : Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces
PROPERTIES OF JADE IN BRIEF : powerful stone brings good luck , instills serenity , optimism , wisdom . Expands the deepest, most positive and spiritual emotions. Increases emotional and sexual femininity .


    Effects of Jade on the Physical Body:

    Jade stimulates renal activity, maintaining water, salts, acids and bases in the right balance. It also has a stimulating function on the nervous system and adrenal glands, making reflexes particularly quick.

    It helps scars and all areas of the skin where stitches have been applied to heal quickly.

    Slows down the body's aging process. If you suffer from joint and bone pain, using jade can help soothe them.

    Effects of jade on the psyche:

    Jade is a powerful lucky amulet . It gives great optimism to the wearer and thus attracts abundance , both material and spiritual, prosperity, wealth and rich and deep feelings . It helps attract love, precisely predisposing us emotionally to wealth and beauty.

    Jade crystal healing natural stone

    Linked to the heart chakra, jade helps to open up to our partner , to bring out those thoughts that we usually keep hidden. It helps to find an adult and mature solution to the problems we encounter (as a couple or otherwise). It stimulates the desire to rediscover reciprocity of feelings in all those relationships that are, for one reason or another, unbalanced.

    Jade pushes the individual to realize themselves by becoming aware of our real nature. It helps us become aware of our spiritual nature , thus giving us great inner peace and profound serenity.

    Jade helps our hearts become aware of the problems we are facing in our relationships , allowing us to calm down in stressful situations and helping us resolve problems with ourselves and those close to us. More importantly, it provides just the energy we need to solve such problems.

    Jade is a Yin stone , it helps women to regain awareness of their femininity , both emotional, energetic and sexual, and to fully integrate it into their personality.

    Stimulates the production of ideas and dynamism. It helps to use moments of rest for one's spiritual activities. Strengthens the ability to make decisions.

    Jade can be used in combination with other stones:

    Jade and calcite

    Calcite is famous for helping against muscle stiffness and relieving sexual problems. The combination with jade will increase its positive influence in this sense. It also helps fight chronic fatigue and make scars heal faster.

    Jade and jasper

    This duo gives tranquility and serenity, reduces stress. It helps with couple problems, to restore balance to the relationship and to express intimate and sexual desires

    Jade and carnelian

    Improves attitudes towards money. It will give greater resistance at work, managing to maintain commitment and concentration even for long hours. It will give a lot of enthusiasm in what you are doing.

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