Fluorite, pietra della mente | Significato e proprietà

Fluorite, stone of the mind | Meaning and properties

Fluorite is a stone composed of calcium fluoride and can be of primary, secondary or tertiary origin. Its most important deposits, however, are those of magmatic origin. In this case, it forms inside acidic magmatic rocks, or veins and crevasses. Secondary formation is somewhat rarer, which occurs thanks to the action of the acids released by the disintegrative processes on the limestone rocks.

Fluorite has been known as 'fluid spar' since the mid-18th century.

  • Chemical formula : CaF2 + (C, Cl, Fe, Ce, Y)
  • Appearance : fluorite appears as a shiny and transparent stone, characterized by a series of shades ranging from transparent to purple, passing through green and yellow.
  • Associated element : Fire, Air
  • Associated chakra : it is associated with the sixth chakra, chakra of clairvoyance and spirituality, Ajna in Sanskrit.
  • Planets : Pluto, Mercury
  • Zodiac signs : Scorpio, Aquarius

PROPERTIES OF FLUORITE IN BRIEF : frees from mental patterns , refines cognitive abilities , particularly helping those who use their mind a lot (students, professors, employees, ...). It pushes towards self-knowledge by bringing repressed emotions to the surface and helping to understand and eliminate them. Rebalances the mental and emotional spheres.


Previously, fluorite was not classified as a real mineral, as it was included in the category of spar, a generic name attributed to those easily flaking minerals (from the German "spalten" to divide), and the adjective 'fluid' was added to it. ', because its brilliant appearance was reminiscent of that of molten glass. It is no coincidence that fluorite, similarly to quartz and colored glass, was used as a substitute for precious stones. We have received no information regarding the therapeutic action attributed to it in ancient times.

Effects of Fluorite on the Physical Body:

It stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, especially as regards the respiratory tract and lungs . It is useful to prevent the possible onset of tumors or to prevent a wound from becoming purulent.

Strengthens bones and teeth . It mitigates the risks of deformation during the growth process, avoiding the onset of postural problems. It makes you agile and flexible, counteracting states of stiffness and joint problems , including those linked to arthritis (joint inflammation).

It stimulates the activity of the nervous system , and in particular that of the brain, alleviating allergies of psychosomatic origin. The positive energy that the crystal emits helps a lot in eliminating all the toxicity from our body.

Fluorite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Effects of fluorite on emotions:

Fluorite purifies and calms our inner world and the atmosphere around us. Sucks up and defuses negativity. Furthermore, it promotes positivity , stabilizes strength, increases balance and improves mental performance.

It makes you become aware of your repressed emotions , without strengthening the expression, but making them emerge gradually. For this reason, it facilitates contact with one's unconscious . For it to act in this sense, however, it is often necessary for there to also be some external motivation, which stimulates the subject to descend into the depths of his own being.

Fluorite makes the individual emotionally stable , instilling confidence and taking him out of confusion. Fluorite helps its bearer maintain a clear mind, avoiding hasty decisions dictated by emotional pain .

It gives a certain emotional stability and promotes communication with those we love.

Effects of Fluorite on the Mind:

This stone increases our ability to concentrate and helps us in decision making . Fluorite promotes the freedom of thought of those who want to live their lives independently. In this regard, it makes us aware of any external interference that could prevent the achievement of this objective, and helps to neutralize them.

It tends to make the individual take on a radical attitude and not inclined to compromise, especially when faced with obvious injustices. At the same time, it helps him to restructure his existence and adopt a lifestyle in which both stability and dynamism find a place. Generally speaking, fluorite makes you creative and imaginative, enhancing the desire for freedom .

Fluorite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

It helps overcome addiction, fixed ideas, narrow-mindedness, and limiting patterns of thought and behavior. It helps to restore and maintain a certain mental order , allowing the reworking of past experiences.

Its property of bringing out relationships between apparently unrelated notions, highlighting their overall design, makes fluorite an excellent aid in learning processes . In other words, it stimulates the development of the subject's logical-cognitive abilities.
Fluorite crystals block anyone who tries to control the mind.

Effects of Fluorite on Spirit:

Fluorite activates what is called the "awakening" effect , that is, it activates both hemispheres of the brain creating a perfect balance of thoughts, ideas and actions . If you want to have superior protection from negative energy you can try the Fluorite – Garnet combination.

(*) NB: what is reported above does not and cannot in any way replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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