Ematite, la pietra di "acciaio" | Significato e proprietà

Hematite, the stone of "steel" | Meaning and properties

Hematite stone meaning crystal healing properties

Hematite is a mineral made up of iron oxide which has a gray or black color. The word derives from a Greek term meaning "blood", in fact it is considered a very useful mineral for detoxifying the body.

Hematite was already used for therapeutic purposes in ancient Egypt and Babylon, to stimulate blood production and accelerate its coagulation. It was also used in the same way in the Middle Ages and, for this reason, received the name "blood stone".

  • Chemical formula : Fe 2 O 3
  • Appearance : hematite appears as a "metallic" stone, similar to steel in its tumbled version and similar to raw iron in its unworked version. It frequently has red veins.
  • Associated element : Earth, Fire
  • Associated chakra : the a. it is associated with the first chakra or coccyx, in Sanskrit called Muladhara .
  • Planets : Mars, Uranus, Mercury
  • Zodiac signs : Aries, Virgo, Scorpio
  • Qualities associated with hematite : Strengthens general health conditions, strengthening the heart and blood circulation. It helps to be tenacious, determined, courageous. It gives psychological stability and concentration.

Hematite, natural stone for crystal healing - meaning and properties


There are different types of hematite:

  • Earthy hematite, otherwise known as red ocher and used as a dye pigment.
  • Oligisto, characterized by raw hemtatite with little ferrous presence
  • Micaceous hematite
  • Fibrous hematite
  • Martite, a pseudomorphosis of hematite on magnetite.

Hematite is a thinking stone that stimulates attention and concentration , also improving memory and logical thinking . It is a beneficial stone for those who are nervous or restless without any apparent cause.

Hematite is a powerful stone that can help with shyness, self-esteem and survival, as well as increasing willpower and reliability and instilling confidence. Helps in the treatment of compulsions and addictions.

Effects of hematite on the physical body: (*)

It improves the assimilation of iron by the small intestine and stimulates the production of red blood cells. In this way, it determines an increase in the supply of oxygen to all the tissues of the body, with a consequent improvement in the general health conditions of the individual.

It is advisable to carry it with you, keeping it in direct contact with the skin or, if necessary, placing it on the body. Its use is contraindicated in case of inflammation , as it can aggravate it!

It helps improve blood circulation and promote tissue regeneration. Additionally, it is believed to be helpful in relieving pain and accelerating wound healing.

Hematite, natural stone for crystal healing - properties and meaning

Effects of hematite on the psyche:

It strengthens the individual's desire to live and induces him to improve the conditions of his existence. It strengthens the will of the subject and makes him acutely aware of the aspirations that still await to be realized. It gives dynamism and vitality .

It pushes the individual to take care of their fundamental needs and, therefore, their physical well-being, encouraging them if necessary to fight to satisfy them.

It gives tenacity , determination and the courage to defend one's rights. It dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others.

It is often used for its anchoring and protective properties. Very useful against negative energies . It is believed to help strengthen determination and will, promoting the ability to face life's challenges.

(*) NB: the above does not and cannot in any case replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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