Diaspro, proprietà e significato

Jasper, properties and meaning

Jasper is a compact quartz , in which there are inclusions of various foreign substances. It is of secondary origin, and derives from the deposition of silica directly from water in clayey or sandy rocks. During the progressive transformation of silica into quartz, the fine particles of clay and sand remain trapped in the forming jasper, making it opaque and generating the surface patterns that characterize it. It is quite common and can form anywhere.

  • Chemical formula : SiO 2 + Fe, O, H, Si
  • Appearance : jasper appears as an opaque stone and in various colors: red, yellow, green, multicolored...
  • Associated element : Fire
  • Associated chakra : it is associated with the first chakra or coccyx, Muladhara in Sanskrit.
  • Planets : Mars, Sun
  • Zodiac signs : Aries, Leo
  • Qualities associated with jasper : revitalizes, regenerates, strengthens. It gives courage, determination, resistance in the face of conditioning and pain.


There are many different versions of this stone on the market, the designs of which are interpreted with extreme imagination. A possible attempt to classify jasper could be based on its three colors: red , yellow and green and their variants.

  • Yellow jasper is commercially available under the same name. Sand-colored versions are included, including landscape jasper and ocean jasper . The yellow color is produced by the presence of iron oxide, in which iron is found in a divalent form.
  • Green jasper is also present on the market under this name and, in a broader perspective, it also includes heliotrope . The green color is determined by the inclusions of iron silicate compounds (chlorites, etc.).
  • Red jasper is also known as 'silex', and Brekzien jasper also falls under this name. Its color is due to iron oxide, in which iron is present in trivalent form (Fe3+).

There are also rare colors:

  • black: it is very rare. It is said to protect against curses and help to have prophetic dreams.
  • blue: rich in shades, it is considered a perfect anti-stress.
  • brecciated: brick colored because it contains hematite, it gives emotional stability after a crisis.
  • Dalmatian : rare gray stone with dark spots, like the coat of the Dalmatian dog, gives protection and happiness and wards off skepticism.
  • purple: it is highly spiritual, gives wisdom and authority.
  • multicolored or polychrome

Its name comes from the Latin word "iaspidem" and the French word "jaspre".

Jasper in antiquity

It was used by healers to help others, by warriors for protection and by many women to obtain more fertility. For the ancient Egyptians, red jasper represented the blood of Isis, a symbol of fertility. It was set in necklaces to hang around the neck of the deceased. To Native Americans, red jasper was the blood of Mother Earth. They used it to bring health, ideas and strategies.

It was also widely used by ancient civilizations as it was believed that jasper brought harmony and calm.

Effects of Jasper on the Physical Body:

General effects of all types of jasper: (*)

In crystal therapy, jasper is commonly recommended to those who suffer from a period of tiredness or chronic fatigue . This stone re-energizes and strengthens the owner, increasing physical dynamism . Among the properties of this stone we can also include the detoxifying and regenerating properties of the muscles.
It is then often recommended to those with fertility problems (it is useful to give it as a gift to anyone who is undergoing an assisted reproduction process). It is also believed to help stabilize a pregnancy and promote the physiological and correct growth of the fetus. It is a beautiful and useful lucky charm to give to a woman who is giving birth.

Another interesting thing is that it promotes the development of brain cells . It also has a healing property that helps repair damaged neurons .

Types of jasper and specific effects on the body:

  • Red jasper stimulates the circulation of energy in the body and strengthens blood vessels and blood flow.
  • Yellow jasper reactivates the immune system .
  • Green jasper has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory function. It is useful in diseases of the genital system, or in digestive and intestinal problems.
  • Polychrome jasper strengthens the body's resistance to environmental pollution (smog, toxins and radiation).

Effects of jasper on the psyche:

It favors the affirmation of a combative and tenacious nature, helping the individual to fully pursue their goals. In this regard, red jaspers are the most dynamic version; the yellows, the most calming one; the greens, the most harmonious one.
It promotes courage , combativeness , decisiveness , willpower (red), tenacity (yellow) and the ability to protect oneself (green).
Jasper strengthens righteousness and honesty. It gives you the courage to face unwelcome tasks, stimulates determination and helps you translate your ideas into reality.
This mineral not only helps dissolve emotional burden, but also mental distress . Jasper is thought to exude a relaxing essence that calms the mind and helps it find peace and balance.

Jasper is particularly recommended if you experience situations of physical or psychological violence as it helps you not to be dominated . It seems to give a lot of courage and the ability to think positively.

It can be a useful gift to give to all those who are experiencing a moment of apathy, who have lost the strength to fight and lack the courage to face some situations.

This stone helps cut harmful bonds on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Are you overwhelmed? Are you exhausted at work? Are you stressed? If you answered yes to all of these questions, jasper may be right for you.

It is a good ally for people who feel less than they really are, who struggle with sadness and who easily lose their temper. Furthermore, jasper has the great ability to relieve its bearer of the burdens he carries around.

(*) NB: what is indicated is in no way intended to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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