Cristallo di rocca, cristallo maestro | Significato e proprietà

Rock crystal, master crystal | Meaning and properties

Rock crystal meaning crystal therapy properties

Rock crystal , like amethyst, is part of the quartz group and is also known as hyaline quartz. It is the most widespread type of quartz on earth and occurs in both microcrystalline and macrocrystalline forms, sometimes reaching considerable dimensions.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2
  • Appearance : rock crystal appears as colorless crystal, more or less transparent depending on the purity of the stone and how it is treated.
  • Associated element : Fire, Water
  • Associated chakra : it is associated with the seventh chakra, chakra of multi-vision, Sahasrara in Sanskrit.
  • Planets : Uranus, Neptune 
  • Zodiac signs : Aquarius, Pisces

PROPERTIES OF ROCK CRYSTAL IN BRIEF : re-balances energies, illuminates consciousness and dispels suffering and confusion. Among all the stones it is one of the most powerful. Brings intellectual clarity, wisdom. Gives strength and vitality.

Rock crystal meaning crystal therapy properties


    Effects of rock crystal on the physical body: (*)

    Rock crystal revitalizes the body and makes the muscles more toned and elastic , also elasticizing stiffened areas. It acts on the nervous system by re-balancing it , strengthens the nerves and soothes neuralgia and states of stress in the nervous system.

    Effects of rock crystal on emotions:

    Rock crystal is a stone highly recommended to all those who are going through periods of pain and suffering that cause them bewilderment and confusion. It fights the instability of the heart tormented by confusion, rock crystal provides the illumination we need.

    Rock crystal meaning crystal therapy properties

    This stone also helps us dissolve any attempt, conscious or unconscious, to manipulate our will and our feelings.

    Effects of rock crystal on the mind:

    This crystal helps us to best express our intelligence and our ability to understand and intuition concepts and truth. A perfect ally of concentration and attention , it makes our thoughts clear and helps us understand those of others.

    Effects of rock crystal on the spirit:

    Furthermore, rock crystal catalyzes pure energies , helps in meditation and acts as a rebalancer of spiritual energies, the aura and subtle energies.

    Rock crystal meaning crystal therapy properties

    (*) None of what is indicated can and is intended to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.
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