Crisoprasio, pietra dell'Eros | Significato e proprietà

Chrysoprase, stone of Eros | Meaning and properties

Chrysoprase is part of the silicate mineral group, which also includes quartz, and owes its characteristic green color to nickel inclusions. Mineral of secondary origin, its formation is due to the action of silicic acid solutions in the nickel oxidation zones.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2 + (Ni)
  • Appearance : chrysoprase owes its characteristic bright green color to the presence of nickel inclusions within the crystalline structure.
  • Associated element : Earth
  • Associated chakra : fourth chakra or heart chakra: Anahata 
  • Planets : Venus
  • Zodiac signs : Taurus
  • Qualities associated with chrysoprase :


The vibrant shade of chrysoprase is associated with spring , nature , sensuality and joy . It is an excellent gem to use if you want to move more confidently and confidently in the material world . This stone is known to interact energetically with the heart of the human being, pushing him to demonstrate compassion and tolerance. It is therefore an excellent gem for improving emotional well-being.

It is also linked to the principles of kindness and care of the Heart Chakra . Chrysoprase encourages joy and confidence, connecting us more with the pleasures of nature and the senses . It helps to reconnect with the surrounding natural environment and facilitates detachment from the frenetic pace of our daily lives.

Effects of Chrysoprase on the Physical Body:

Chrysoprase is a mineral that aids in general repair and regeneration. It promotes the removal and cleansing of toxins by urging the body to eliminate any chemicals that have a harmful impact, such as toxic elements and other compounds that are often difficult to break down in the body. .

Chrysoprase also increases libido , helps fight sexual dysfunctions linked to negative psychological states and increases a woman's degree of fertility. (*)

Effects of Chrysoprase on Emotions:

Chrysoprase instills confidence in those who work with its magical energy. It therefore favors a strengthening of our emotional security and in this way helps us to free ourselves from mechanisms of emotional dependence towards others, and to feel a conscious form of satisfaction towards ourselves.

As already mentioned , it stimulates Eros and strengthens couple bonds , both emotional and sexual, increasing libido and the desire for union .

It is widely used to calm the worries and most uncontrollable impulses typical of youth to leave room for calmer reactions.

Effects of chrysoprase on the spirit:

Chrysoprase encourages cheerfulness and light-heartedness . Working on the heart chakra generates profound meditation experiences in us. This gem helps relieve isolation and pain caused by the Ego and aspects of selfishness.

(*) NB: what is indicated is in no way intended to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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