Cos'è la Cristalloterapia

What is Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is an ancient branch of holistic science that involves the use of crystals and precious stones to bring about the healing of the patient. More precisely, this branch of ancient medicine studies the effects of the energy emitted by Crystals on the balance of the person's energy field. The purpose of Crystal Therapy is to use the properties of precious and semi-precious stones to harmonize and maintain the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual, acting positively on the subtle forces that pervade the energetic structure.
Every precious stone and every crystal, each according to its own nature, is capable of emanating purifying energies that are absorbed by our body.
The use of Crystal Therapy has ancient origins and is currently widely used in India and Eastern countries.
There are different types of stones and crystals that are used in crystal therapy: each of these has a value and meaning and are chosen based on the present moment you are facing. Crystal therapy: therapy through the use of crystals. We human beings are used to considering as existing only everything we see and touch: at the same time we consider something to be in motion, if our eyes perceive the actual movement. What we very often overlook is what we are unable to see: the energy that runs through every layer of matter is an example of this. We ourselves are made of energy and energy itself pervades everything.
The underlying principle of crystal therapy is precisely the ability to modify the energy of some bodies through the moving vibrations emanating from the stone itself.
Crystals and stones are naturally occurring minerals: they constitute the largest component on our planet and in the entire universe. Crystals and stones are harmonious structures created by nature, capable of rearranging and rebalancing any energy that comes into contact with them.
Among the pathologies most treated with crystal therapy are states of anxiety, stress and insomnia.
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