Calcite, pietra dai mille usi | Significato e proprietà

Calcite, stone with a thousand uses | Meaning and properties

Calcite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Calcite is a mineral made up of neutral calcium carbonate . Of sedimentary origin, it often arises from metamorphic rocks where it is deposited in the fractures in which the magma circulates.
Calcite has been used for millennia in all cultures. It was applied as a compress in cases of dermatoses, ulcers, warts and purulent wounds.

  • Chemical formula : CaCO3 + Fe, Mn (Co. Pb, Sr).
  • Appearance : calcite is an opaque stone that can come in various colors, which vary from light blue, to blue, to green, passing through yellow and orange . Its shades can be traced back to the presence of traces of metals within its crystalline structure. Very often the stones are dotted with small white spots, which is the color of anhydrite in its most classic form.
  • Element : Each type of calcite is associated with a specific element. Here is a list of them:
    - Fire : yellow , orange and red calcites
    - Air : pink calcites
    - Water : blue calcite
    - Earth
    : green calcite

Calcite stone meaning crystal healing properties

  • Associated Chakras : The chakras associated with calcite vary depending on its color. Here is a short list:
    - Second chakra Svadhishthana , linked to the abdomen , for the red and orange calcite ;
    - Third chakra Manipura , tied to the navel , for the yellow calcite ;
    - Fourth chakra Anahata , linked to the heart , for calcites green ;
    - Fifth chakra Vishudda , tied at the throat , for the blue ones ;
    - Seventh chakra Sahasrahra linked to the pituitary gland, for the white one.
  • Planets : Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
  • Zodiac signs : Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio
PROPERTIES OF CALCITE IN BRIEF : revitalizing , strengthening, stabilizing. It helps us to resist the shocks of life, to cope with physical and psychological fatigue, to rediscover the desire to react . It gives pragmatism and concreteness. Every single variety has specific properties.

    Calcite natural stone for crystal therapy - Meaning and properties


    Calcite, in general, brings stability and strength, physical and moral, into our lives. It helps us face life with a solid and pragmatic attitude. Below we list the specific properties of each color variety.

    Effects of calcite on the physical body: (*)

    • Calcite yellow : gives vitality and physical strength. It helps fight chronic fatigue and feel more energetic.
    • Orange /red calcite : stimulates the immune system and promotes an increase in metabolism, increasing energy of the body. Regulates intestinal functions.
    • Green calcite : supports the osteo-articular system, fighting arthritis, degenerative processes and inflammation of bones and joints. It relaxes the muscles and extinguishes inflammation.
    • Blue Calcite : encourages the resolution of disorders of psychosomatic origin.
    • White calcite : strengthens kidneys , liver and pancreas . It promotes tissue purification and calms the central nervous system . Absorbs and mitigates excess energy . 

    Effects of calcite on the psyche:

    • Calcite yellow : keeps you mentally and psychologically active. It helps to react in the face of periods of psychological and moral tiredness , helping us to react in the face of moments of demoralization and sadness .
    • Orange calcite : gives joy and desire to live, helps fight melancholy and depression and awakens the desire for knowledge .
    • Red calcite : strengthens the psyche and mind , helping us to face periods of suffering , crises and difficulties .
    • Green calcite : frees the mind from obsolete concepts and harmful mechanisms, encouraging the discovery of new points of view , encouraging the release of the old and the assimilation of the new. It should be worn or used in moments of inner transformation and in times of change. It is an excellent stone for those who have to face new beginnings, changes , circumstances never experienced. It promotes freedom of thought and the abandonment of sterile feelings of guilt.

    Calcite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    • Blue calcite : ha calming effect and gives well-being and balance. It promotes communication and helps fight shyness and self-isolation.
    • White calcite : this variety is an important emotional re- balancer. It helps harmonize the mind and emotions, calming us down and helping us understand ourselves and situations. It helps us detach ourselves from excessive passions and serenely observe the reality of circumstances.

    (*) NB: what is indicated cannot and does not intend in any way to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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