Avventurina, significato e proprietà

Aventurine, meaning and properties

Aventurine is a stone belonging to the class of oxides, of the quartz group, like amethyst and hyaline quartz . Its bright green appearance derives from fuchsite inclusions that reflect light in a spurious and random way, characteristics from which its name originates: aventurine, "a ventura": at random. This stone originates from magmatic rocks, crystalline schists and sediments.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2+ (Kal2,[OH,F)2/AlSi3O10] + (Cr)
  • Appearance : aventurine is characterized by a green color that varies from pale to more intense shades depending on the quantity of mica inclusions within it.
  • Associated element : Water, Air
  • Associated chakra : it is associated with the fourth chakra or heart chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit.
  • Planets : Venus, Jupiter 
  • Zodiac signs : Taurus, Pisces
  • Qualities associated with aventurine: it instills optimism, hope and a serene proactiveness, overcoming unnecessary fears and emotional blocks.


Effects of Aventurine on the Physical Body:

Aventurine helps us purify our body, promoting the elimination of impurities from the skin and tissues . Helps with dermatitis (eczema) and allergies.
This stone is recommended to deal with eye diseases : it increases the visual faculties and energetically promotes the elimination of eye inflammation.
Connected to the heart chakra , it regenerates and strengthens the heart , stimulates the metabolism and strengthens blood flow.

Effects of aventurine on the psyche:

Aventurine helps us counteract and eliminate fears and fears , instilling in us a profound sense of optimism and trust in destiny and in ourselves. It is precisely this optimism that opens the way for us towards new experiences and a change, sometimes even radical, in our habits and in what we collect throughout our lives.

Aventurine also brings serenity and tranquility , giving joy of life and patience . It makes ours easier healing from trauma and emotional suffering and being linked to the heart chakra pushes us to express love beyond the typical fears determined by pride.

Effects of aventurine on the spirit :

Working on fears and fears, aventurine opens the heart chakra , promoting states of profound compassion and communion with others and the higher Reality. This stone can therefore be suitable for meditating on the heart, to express love and consequently attract it.

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