Apatite, pietra delle emozioni. Tutte le proprietà

Apatite, stone of emotions. All properties

Apatite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Apatite derives its name from the Greek term apatáo , "I deceive", attributed to it by the well-known German mineralogist Gottlob Werner due to the vast range of colors in which it appears , which can vary from yellow to electric blue and which have often deceived those who tried to classify it.

  • Chemical formula : Ca 5 (PO 4 ) 3 [F, OH, Cl]
  • Appearance : the most used and appreciated variety of apatite in crystal therapy is the dark blue/intense blue one, which often features some brown inclusions, due to the presence of substrates of other minerals.
  • Associated element : Air
  • Associated chakra : apatite is associated with the fifth or laryngeal chakra, Vishudda in Sanskrit.
  • Planets : Mercury, Saturn
  • Zodiac signs : Gemini, Aquarius
PROPERTIES OF APATITE IN BRIEF : opens up to socialization, fights shyness and cynicism, gives motivation, determination and patience. Helps rebalance fluctuating emotional states.

    Apatite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties


    Effects of apatite on the physical body: (*)

    Apatite facilitates the regeneration of bones and joints, helps in the prevention of arthritic and rheumatoid phenomena.

    Effects of apatite on the psyche:

    Open to exchange with others
    Apatite is a stone whose properties are profoundly linked to contact with others , to profitable emotional and intellectual exchanges, to humanitarian activities. This stone pushes us to interact with others , to leave behind states of closure and shyness, to express ourselves in a more complete and profound way.

    Apatite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Increases motivation and rebalances the psyche
    There. it instills patience and determination , driving away negative and unbalancing psychological states such as hyperactivity or, on the contrary, depression. In this sense it is an advisable stone for all those who experience periods of ups and downs on an emotional level , and go from states of unjustified euphoria to gray and melancholy states. There. helps resolve states of confusion and frustration , reducing irritability and impatience in us. It gives motivational strength and the ability to patiently and consistently pursue one's goals.

    Refine your reasoning
    Linked to Saturn, planet of reason, this stone refines the intellect , also thanks to its stabilizing properties . It helps you make your decisions calmly , after having thought about them with detachment and in an analytical way. In this sense it can also be used to find solutions to apparently incomprehensible problems .

    Apatite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Usage techniques

    • It can be used for the preparation of elixirs, as long as it does not come into direct contact with water.
    • Ideal for meditation, we recommend positioning it on the corresponding chakra (the fifth)

    (*) NB: the above cannot and does not replace in any way the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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