Angelite: proprietà e significato

Angelite: properties and meaning

Angelite natural stone meaning crystal healing properties

Angelite is the name commonly given to blue anhydrite , a variety of anhydrite discovered in 1987 in Peru, where the largest deposits are currently located. The term angelite derives from the intensely spiritual properties of this stone, while the scientific name "anhydrite" derives from the total absence of water molecules within its crystalline structure. White in colour, classic anhydrite is, unlike angelite, a rather widespread mineral and also mined in Italy.

  • Chemical formula : CaSO 4
  • Appearance : angelite is a stone with pale colors, which vary from light blue to dark blue . Its shades can be traced back to the presence of traces of metals within its crystalline structure. Very often the stones are dotted with small white spots, which is the color of anhydrite in its most classic form.
  • Associated element : Water
  • Associated chakra : the a. it is associated with the fifth or laryngeal chakra, in Sanskrit called vishuddha .
  • Planets : Mercury, Jupiter
  • Zodiac signs : Gemini, Sagittarius


It brings serenity, peace, awareness, detachment from worries and anxieties, universal love. It connects to the higher worlds and pushes us to cultivate spirituality.

Angelite meaning natural stone crystal healing properties


Effect of angelite on the physical body: (*)

Angelite helps the thyroid gland function properly and helps the body recover from any throat infections. Angelite helps regenerate capillaries, maintain regular circulation and have correct oxygenation of the body.

Effects of angelite on the psyche:

Soul elevation and spiritual connections
Associated with the upper section of the chakras and in particular with the fifth, Angelite helps us to enter into communication with the deepest and most spiritual part of us . In this sense, if properly chosen, charged and used, it can promote the awakening of superior faculties and the connection with "those who live beyond the veil of appearances", commonly called Angels , Devas or Masters .

Angelite meaning natural stone crystal healing properties

Soothing, calming
Like all light blue/blue crystals, the a. it exudes a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing at the same time. It calms anger and states of anguish and agitation. In this sense it is recommended for all those who need to find emotional balance again after a trauma, bereavement or a period of high stress.

Connection stone
In addition to connecting us with the "higher realms", angelite develops in its wearer a formidable communication ability . Linked to the fifth, or laryngeal, chakra, the a. it will help you to be sincere , simple, clear, direct, and overcome those states of shyness or lack of desire to communicate and communicate, which are often obstacles in social relationships.

Effects of angelite on the spirit:

The visions that we will have in meditation thanks to the anellite will be easier to interpret and we will automatically grasp the indications that they want to give us internally. Having or wearing angelite during the day helps us to be prepared to accept whatever instructions the surrounding environment has in store for us and wants to communicate to us.

It can be used in any activity involving yoga, cards, messengers or ceremonies that connect to other worlds, as it enables one to understand how to obtain that kind of ability and gives access to these secret fields.

The power of Angelite stimulates a profound repair of existing situations and a deeper understanding of events.

Usage techniques :
  • Angelite can be placed on the throat, just below the Adam's apple, and taken as the focal point, together with the fifth chakra, of our meditations. In this sense it will help to unlock the ability to relate to others in a simple, direct, calm and sincere way.
  • Like all stones it can be worn in the form of a bracelet or necklace, to always have it with you.

(*) NB: the above cannot and does not intend to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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