Ametista, regina della spiritualità. Proprietà e significato

Amethyst, queen of spirituality. Properties and meaning

Amethyst meaning crystal healing properties

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz known since ancient times and appreciated for its color, its workability and its magical properties.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2
  • Appearance : the a. it owes its characteristic purple color to the impurities present inside it, mainly iron and other transition metals, which result in complex replacements of the crystalline lattice. The color may vary if the stone is associated with other crystalline formations (as in the case of ametrine) or traces of other elements. Amethyst can be found as a single stone or in the form of druse , or aggregations of crystals "grown" on a rocky substrate, typically basaltic.
  • Associated element : Water
  • Associated chakra : amethyst is associated with the sixth chakra, the so-called "third eye", in Sanskrit Ajna .
  • Planets : Venus, Saturn
  • Zodiac signs : Libra, Aquarius
  • Qualities associated with amethyst : serenity, peace, awareness, detachment from worries and anxieties, universal love, spirituality.

Amethyst meaning crystal healing properties

The name 'amethyst' comes from ancient Greece and means “ which cannot be drunk ” (a-methystos). In fact, already at that time, this mineral was known and appreciated for its ability to promote mental clarity . " Amethos" was also the Greek name of a nymph who escaped the sights of Bacchus and was transformed, thanks to the intervention of the goddess Diana, into a handful of amethysts; this always proves the link, recognized since ancient times, between this stone and lucidity and conscience.
In the Middle Ages, Konrad von Megenberg stated that amethyst "is a mineral capable of making man awake and alert, driving away negative and abstruse thoughts and providing balance and common sense".

It was also used in ancient China as a powerful tool to eliminate negative energy and ward off the dangers of everyday life. In the Renaissance period amethyst was extensively engraved with animal symbols which served a protective purpose.

Amethyst meaning crystal healing properties


Effects of amethyst on the body: (*)

It alleviates pain and tension , especially those linked to migraines, wounds and swelling (the latter decrease rapidly). Resolves organ disorders of ectodermal origin; it is useful, therefore, in diseases affecting the nervous system , lungs , respiratory tract and skin . In the intestine, it regulates the bacterial flora and the reabsorption of liquids.
As regards physical therapy, it is advisable to keep the mineral in direct contact with the affected area.

Having relaxing abilities, amethyst brings benefits to those suffering from muscular tension , digestive problems due to stress and pain due to anxious states

Stone of spirituality and awareness

A stone linked to " yin" energy and the eternal feminine, amethyst awakens superior intuition and the ability to see the true nature of phenomena beyond the mists of the veil of Maya in those who wear it. This characteristic is nothing other than the famous " clairvoyance ", a power attributed to the sixth chakra, which in fact is associated with amethyst. This "awakening" action helps to achieve a state of detachment or the ability to live in the present moment without being fascinated or overwhelmed by the appearance of events. There. supports in everyone the process of transformation of impressions and the birth of awareness .

Amethyst meaning crystal healing properties

Bringer of serenity and inner peace

The understanding of the transience of events with respect to the Eternity of Being and universal Love induces in the wearer the birth of a profound state of serenity , calm and inner peace . In the same way, amethyst helps to remove and dissolve all those fears linked to states of anguish , restlessness and selfishness. The inner peace and calm induced by this stone make it perfect for those who are going through stormy periods and feel the need to maintain a state of serenity and conscious detachment.

Allied with altruism, it counteracts sadness and melancholy

The energetic structure of the air. counteracts the negative effects of egocentrism and self-pity. It pushes us to take care of the suffering of others, helping us to forget our own and promoting the escape from unmotivated states of melancholy and sadness .

Amethyst meaning crystal healing properties

Benefits for the body

The relaxing action of amethyst can alleviate muscle tension , headaches , digestive disorders caused by stress, agitation and anxiety.

Usage techniques

  • The use of amethyst is particularly indicated in meditative practices . It can be placed on the third eye to help us enter a deeper state of meditation, or placed on the solar plexus, or held in the hand.
  • During the day it must be kept in contact with the skin as much as possible, in the form of a necklace or bracelet.
  • There. it is used to purify other crystals.
  • Suitable for use in the form of an elixir .
  • It must periodically be drained of accumulated impurities by placing it under running water.
  • To be recharged it must be placed under the rays of a crescent moon , even better if in transit in feminine signs such as Cancer, Libra, Pisces.

(*) NB: the above cannot and does not intend to replace the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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