Ambra: tutte le proprietà e gli usi

Amber: all properties and uses

Amber meaning crystal healing properties

From a physical/chemical point of view, amber is actually a fossil resin produced millions of years ago by trees such as pines, firs, cypresses and cedars, and which then underwent a mineralization process lasting at least 5 million years. The most widespread amber, Succinite, is the one coming from the Baltic area, while there are other less well-known varieties, including for example a. blue, coming from the Dominican Republic, the a. black and the very expensive a. white.

  • Chemical formula : C10H16O + S (organic stone)
  • Appearance : the appearance of the stone varies depending on the type and extraction site. In addition to. baltica, whose color can take on shades ranging from a bright yellow to a darker yellow , we mention the a. Mexican, whose color tends to be reddish/brown/hazelnut . There. provided with inclusions it is always to be considered more valuable, whilst in any case retaining its energetic properties intact.
  • Associated elements : Fire
  • Associated chakra : third chakra, umbilical, called Manipura .
PROPERTIES OF AMBER IN BRIEF : lively , revitalizing, gives optimism , strength, courage and light-heartedness . It revives the solar qualities of the wearer/user. It counteracts arthritic phenomena and promotes heart and circulation health.


    Effects of Amber on the Physical Body:

    Amber has been known for millennia for its regenerative effects on bones and teeth . It can be used for regeneration practices on compromised or inflamed joints and bones. Amber has also been known for millennia for its contrasting effects on arthritis , rheumatism and back pain and in general all diseases of the bones and cartilage.

    This stone is also known for its soothing properties related to toothache. In particular, for newborns and children who are teething , it is advisable to wear an amber necklace or bracelet. This will relieve discomfort and induce the growth of stronger teeth.

    Amber stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Amber also improves general health: it is excellent pain reliever and acts as a detoxifier .
    Among other healing properties, we remember its ability to combat allergies and alleviate problems related to asthma.

    Effects of amber on the psyche:

    Strengthens the solar nature

    Amber stimulates and favors the development and strengthening of the solar sides of the character . It instills confidence and optimism , making you spontaneous, open and sociable. I nfuses a deep sense of warmth , stimulating light-heartedness and happiness. For all these reasons this stone favors the building of deep and sincere friendships .

    (rare specimen of blue amber)

    Fights sadness and melancholy

    The energies of amber help to overcome periods of sadness and melancholy , opening the heart and mind to the infinite possibilities that life presents every day. The heat of this stone strengthens the plexus chakra, giving new psychological and physical energy to those who have been deprived of it by painful situations or periods of weakness. There. it also helps fight the fear of death and all fears related to the sensation of shutting down or sinking.

    Amber stone meaning crystal healing properties

    Revives creativity and expressive abilities

    This stone gives mental elasticity and stimulates creativity . Thanks to the development of these qualities, combined with those of courage and optimism, the a. promotes success in fields where authority, strength, the ability to clearly express one's ideas and creativity are required.

    Usage techniques

    To get the most out of this stone it is recommended to continuously bring the amber into contact with bare skin . For this reason it is recommended in the form of necklaces and bracelets.

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