Amazzonite: significato e proprietà

Amazonite: meaning and properties

Amazonite belongs to the tectosilicate mineral class and is a rare variety of Microcline Feldspar. The name of this stone derives from the Amazon River, where it was found for the first time. In any case there are no large known deposits near the Amazon River. The largest deposit in the world is currently located in the Ilmen Mountains, Russia.

  • Chemical formula : K[AlSi3O8] + Cu
  • Appearance : due to a small amount of lead present in the stone, amazonite is characterized by a bright green color tending towards blue. Its crystalline lattice is variegated and infiltrated with white veins, and is also provided with a faint shimmer. The stone sometimes has reddish-brown ferrous infiltrations.
  • Associated elements : Air/Water
  • Associated chakra : Amazonite corresponds to the heart chakra, or the fourth, traditionally called Anahata .
PROPERTIES OF AMAZONITE IN BRIEF : powerful stone of transformation , helps to change one's mental and emotional inclinations or to face drastic changes and periods of transformation. It instills confidence , courage , determination . Expands emotions.

    Properties and meaning of Amazonite

    Effects of Amazonite on the body: (*)

    Eliminates metabolic disorders in the liver. It works by relaxing and easing muscle spasms, including those that may occur during childbirth.

    It helps to strengthen the nervous system , and is useful in brain disorders .

    It harmonizes the functions of the pituitary gland and the thymus gland, regulates the vegetative system and internal organs.

    Amazonite vibrations can help offset thyroid problems.

    In addition, it supports people nervously after severe depression.

    Effects of Amazonite on the psyche:

    Amazonite instills confidence and courage

    This stone has been known for millennia as a dispenser of courage . By working with it, wearing it, meditating on it we will be able to assimilate the profound sense of trust in its abilities that Amazonite transmits. Being simultaneously associated with the elements of air and water, amazonite strengthens the ability to direct one's emotions in a constructive sense . It allows anyone who works with it to marry the mental dimension with the emotional one, strengthening character and instilling a deep sense of resolve and belief in one's possibilities.

    It gives resolve and determination

    The a . strengthens the ability to make decisions and helps to free ourselves from the idea of ​​being the victim of a cruel and unchangeable destiny, stimulating us to take the reins of our existence into our own hands . It reduces extreme oscillations of the soul, acting as a tranquilizer of the most intense and uncontrolled emotions and as an amplifier of emotions. It helps to overcome states of sadness and a sense of oppression. It allows you to solve your problems, encouraging you to use both intuition and reason.

    Amazonite: stone of transformation

    Amazonite is certainly part of the so-called transformation stones. Its energy gives the necessary will to fight bad habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking addiction; but also the addiction to negative emotions and thoughts.

    In this sense amazonite counteracts the victimhood and fatalism and helps the subject to free himself from the idea of ​​being the victim of an unchangeable and cruel destiny , pushing him to act to change it.

    Opening of the heart and emotions

    Since it is connected to the heart chakra, amazonite increases the intensity of good feelings towards others and reactivates our ability to express our deepest emotions, counteracting fears, a sense of shyness and insecurity.

    Usage techniques

    • Amulet : worn around the neck or as a bracelet, agate protects, gives clarity and emotional stability.
    • Meditation : resting on the corresponding chakra or held on the heart, with your hands delicately placed on top, you can meditate on your relationship with yourself, on your fears, and gain understanding of all those useless psychological structures that weigh down and bring confusion into everyone's life our.
    • Elixir : the raw or tumbled stone can be immersed in a glass of water, once carefully washed, and left there for a few hours. This elixir promotes Yin and Yang rebalancing and fortification.
    • Counteracting dispersive energies : a druse or an agate geode placed on our desk or in the work environment increases our ability to concentrate and be less distracted.

    (*) NB: the above cannot and does not intend to replace in any way the opinion of a specialized doctor.

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