Agata: significato, poteri e proprietà

Agate: meaning, powers and properties

Natural agate meaning crystal healing properties

Agate belongs to the silicate order and is a variety of chalcedony. This stone occurs in nature in several varieties, among which we remember, for example, Onyx and banded agate.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, Mn
  • Appearance : the color of the stone is different depending on the variety examined. In any case, all agates present the typical striations for which they have been known and appreciated for millennia. Some varieties of agate are also treated to change their color.
  • Associated element : it can be different depending on the variety and color of the agate examined:
    - red/yellow agates are associated with Fire .

    - the agates tending towards black/brown , the " dendritic " and the " mossy " are associated with the Earth .
    - Finally, chalcedony and all other agates tending towards blue/light blue are obviously associated with water.
  • Chakra associated : the chakra associated with the stone changes depending on the variety:
    - black/brown, "mossy" and "dendritic" agates: root chakra (Muladhara)
    - light blue/blue agates: Svadhishthana chakra
    - red/yellow agates: umbilical chakra (Manipura)
PROPERTIES OF AGATE IN BRIEF : it gives stability , simplicity , security , analytical skills , realism , energetic rebalancing . In its green and brown varieties the a. It is a perfect stone for rooting .

    Natural agate meaning crystal healing properties

    Properties and meaning of Agate:

    Effects of agate on the physical body:

    Agate gives physical energy , physically rebalancing Yang energy and Yin energy and helping us to express our physical potential to the maximum.

    Helps bring balance and responsiveness to the immune system .

    Purifies the skin and supports eye health.

    Specific properties of agate varieties:

    • Botswana agate acts in particular on the intestine, strengthening it and promoting the assimilation of nutrients.
    • Arborized agate has a particularly intense effect on physical strength.
    • Apricot agate strengthens the organism, particularly stimulating the immune system . Also useful for strengthening the circulatory system.

    Effects of agate on the psyche:

    Stability and clarity :
    Agate is a simplifying and stabilizing stone. This stone brings pragmatism , linearity and clarity , both in external life and, above all, in internal life. This mineral promotes a slight detachment from the strongest and most tumultuous emotions, favoring realism and clarity towards oneself.

    Concentration and analytical skills :
    Precisely thanks to its innate ability to simplify, the wise use of agate allows you to greatly increase concentration , analytical skills and precision, helping to understand oneself. It is a perfect stone for focusing situations and developing pragmatic solutions.

    Moss agate meaning crystal healing properties
    Safety :
    By stimulating simplicity, stability and clarity, agate also gives a strong sense of security. It helps to eliminate all the most useless and harmful disturbances, both on an emotional and mental level, lending us a hand in our efforts to make ourselves autonomous, positively detached and independent from others and their judgments

    Energy rebalancing :
    Agate stimulates the balance between Yin and Yang, and a stabilization of energy vital .

    Each variety of agate then has its specific properties :

    • Fire agates or tending towards red/yellow/pink : they encourage action, make you dynamic and proactive, increase courage.
    • Black or brown, "mossy" and "dendritic" agates : increase clarity, realism, analytical and simplification capabilities. They have a remarkable grounding power and help to make one independent from others.
    • Light blue/blue agates (Chalcedony): increase clarity on an emotional level, help find stability in sensations and emotions and provide greater clarity.

    Usage techniques :

    • Amulet : worn around the neck or as a bracelet, agate protects, gives clarity and emotional stability.
    • Meditation : resting on the corresponding chakra or held on the heart, with your hands delicately placed on top, you can meditate on your relationship with yourself, on your fears, and gain understanding of all those useless psychological structures that weigh down and bring confusion into everyone's life our.
    • Elixir : the raw or tumbled stone can be immersed in a glass of water, once carefully washed, and left there for a few hours. This elixir promotes Yin and Yang rebalancing and fortification.
    • Counteracting dispersive energies : a druse or an agate geode placed on our desk or in the work environment increases our ability to concentrate and be less distracted.
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