Acquamarina: significato, proprietà e impieghi

Aquamarine: meaning, properties and uses

Aquamarine belongs to the cyclosilicate division and is part of the group of minerals to which Beryl belongs. Since ancient times it was considered the talisman par excellence for anyone who had to travel at sea. Appreciated in jewelry for its breathtaking color, in crystal therapy it has fundamental functions of expanding depth and emotional calm.

  • Chemical formula : Be3Al(Si6O18) + K, Li, Na + (Fe)
  • Appearance : the typical color of the stone, from which its common name derives, ranges from intense blue to aqua green, depending on the variety, the region in which it was taken and its quality.
  • Associated element : Aquamarine is obviously associated with the water element and is therefore connected to the vast world of sensitivity, emotional sensations and intuitive perceptions.
  • Associated chakra : like most light blue minerals, aquamarine has always been associated with the throat chakra , or Vishudda .
  • Associated planet : Moon
  • Qualities attributed : peace, serenity, clarity, lucidity, increased perceptions and sensitivity.

Properties of Aquamarine :

Emotional rebalancing :
Because it is associated with the vast and deep sea of ​​emotions , aquamarine has always been considered an effective emotional re-balancer . If properly purified and worn it helps to contain anxieties and relieve anxieties . If used daily it is of great help in eliminating states of both emotional and mental confusion, it stimulates the will to achieve clarity, order and precision.

Understanding ourselves :
If brought into meditation, as always happens, this faculty is further amplified, allowing us to understand our unconscious in a progressively more in-depth way.
A wise and constant use of its qualities allows us to gradually become more and more sincere with ourselves .

Increased perceptions and sensitivity :
Great bringer of clarity, the a. it is able to help us by making our sensations and our feelings clearer and more precise perceptions, sharpening our intuition and improving our ability to read emotions , ours and others.

Usage techniques :

  • Amulet : worn around the neck or as a bracelet
  • Meditation : placed on the throat to stimulate the fifth chakra, held on the heart or emotional center (navel) to encourage meditation on one's emotional state.
  • Elixir : the raw stone can be immersed in a glass of water, once washed carefully, and left there for a few hours, possibly exposed to the rays of the crescent/full moon. This elixir would favor the purification of our emotional center, as well as our body.

Aquamarine is ultimately an extremely useful stone for reducing anxiety , fears , worries and relaxing the mind . It has a huge calming and soothing power. Like Amethyst it is perfect for regulating, attenuating and normalizing negative emotional states.

Curiosity : it has been used since time immemorial as a protective amulet during sea journeys.

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